Private Clients


ACON Private Clients offers independent wealth management advice and is dedicated to serving private and instutional clients. Our task is to provide our customers with cost-effective, conflict-free advice, excellent service and results.

Unique characteristic

ACON is one of a few independent financial firms that offers not only wealth management know-how and services, but also corporate finance and trading. This unique combination enables our clients to benefit from the synergies associated with this structure and to receive advice for all financial needs.

Since we are a company run by its founding partners, our clients can expect continuity that is often lacking in the large banks, which are plagued by high turnover.

In addition, as a buffer between the custodian bank and the customer, we are in a position to assume a large part of the administrative expenses with regard to the opening and ongoing maintenance of the banking relationship.

Portfolio Management Model

ACON has an open architecture approach and we adapt our services to the need of our customers. Depending on whether you prefer a discretionary, advisory or monitoring and execution approach, we can provide it. To optimize our clients' costs and risk-adjusted returns, our preferred model for most portfolios is discretionary management with exchange traded funds and trackers to reflect the client's benchmark. For reasons of risk minimization, we are value-oriented rather than growth-oriented investors. We are also able to offer our clients unique opportunities (e.g. club deals) that arise through our corporate finance network.


Our preferred custodian bank is V-Bank, an established German bank based in Munich with over EUR 15 billion in assets under management. V-Bank has an A rating (higher than UBS or Deutsche Bank) and specializes in dealing with external asset managers like ourselves. It is one of the two leading banks in this sector in Germany and we believe that its exclusive focus on this sector will benefit us and our clients in terms of both service and costs. Alternative custodian banks such as Deutsche Bank are also available.

Ancillary Services

Through specialized providers we are able to support our clients in the creation and establishment of company, trust or foundation structures as well as in tax or accounting matters. As a company with private banking and investment banking expertise, we are also ideally suited to assuming family office functions such as consolidated reporting, supervision, deal sourcing, financial analysis or due diligence.

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